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Korean language Marriage Practices

Unlike in the West, Korean marriage traditions are much less about the bride and groom themselves plus more about the families that surround them. An example is pyebaek, a post-wedding ceremony that celebrates the union of two the entire family.

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The ceremony generally lasts about half an hour and includes a conversation, a musical technology performance, and a meal. Additionally, it involves drinking alcohol, hand washing, and the ceremonial sealing of vows using a gourd divided in two.

A traditional Korean language wedding performance generally includes a wedding band of 4 musicians playing a small gongo, long laces and ribbons, and multi-colored costumes. It also includes a bowing ceremony in which the bride and groom bow with their respective family members.

Besides the ceremony, you will find other classic Korean marriage ceremony traditions have fun with. Among them are definitely the yingan, the wild goose, and the pyebaek.

The yingan is a surprise worth keeping in mind, but it is relationship with korean woman also a tricky topic to comprehend. In earlier generations, Koreans employed a real goose to present to their bride and groom. But at present, they use real wood ducks instead. The yingan is worth a laughable 10, 000, 000 picked up (about $900 USD), which can be about ten percent of the cost of an house in Korea.

The pyebaek is one of the most popular Korean marriage traditions, and it’s still currently being practiced today. The pyebaek was actually a pre-wedding ritual, but it’s also a post-wedding habit. It’s a traditions that is designed to integrate the bride into the groom’s family.

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Korean language Marriage Practices
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